UX Case Study — Parenting during a Pandemic

A cute little Beatriz that would would not let her poor mother work in peace.


  • Sharing of responsibilities (spouse, family member, etc)
  • Struggles and joys of full-time parenting
  • Feelings during the pandemic
  • Things that facilitate/could facilitate parenting
  • Communication with other adults
  • Online resources for parenting
  • Work-life balance

Personas + Problem Definition

Designing the Solution: ParentVille

Visual Identity

User Flow & Sketches

Advanced Prototypes

Next Questions

  1. How might we include targeted ads that help with the monetization of the app?
  2. How can we create an onboarding flow that isn’t cumbersome, but allows for a profile with things like location, religion, hobbies, etc?
  3. How can we create an engaging profile page for users?
  4. How might we create not only digital groups and communities, but also digital events and webinars?
  5. Should we include an in-app chat, or have it link to iMessage and WhatsApp?
  6. How might we improve the flow of “finding” like minded parents in the Community section?
  7. How can we make the product desirable and simple enough that parents will “switch” from their usual platforms when the topic is parenting?
  8. How can we make design and UX writing adjustments to encourage a safe sharing environment, where parents are motivated to share and interact without the fear of online “parent bullying”?

Conclusion + What We Learned



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